Cello Case

We produce hard cases for cello in five designs. Each case is equipped with a thermal insulating layer and a waterproof seal. The combination of these measures against external influences ensures constant moisture inside the cases and your instrument is thus protected. All case models are with very hard and tough construction, resistant to shocks and falls. Despite all these attributes, they are very lightweight cases.

Xlight model

  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Exterior color: white, silver; granit (painted)
  • Interior Color: black
  • Equipment: space for 2 bows in the lower part of the case, handle, strap for carrying on the back, foam cubes for better instrument stability
  • Lock closing


Flight model

  • Weight: 5,4 kg
  • Exterior color: granit (painted)
  • Interior color: brown, black, burgundy, green, blue
  • Equipment: airbag system for absolute stability of the instrument during transport, additional reinforcement for higher air strength, rubber wheel at the bottom corner of the case for more comfortable movement, space for 2 bows at the bottom of the case, handle, possibility of strap for carrying on the back, option case lock, inner pocket for accessories
  • Lock closing



  • A case created specifically for the Montagnano Cello
  • The look is identical to the Xlight model. They differ only in the minor modification of the interior space.